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My frost worgen mage, Heosphoros and her Death Knight brother, Matthiel.

Made by Penwyn
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"There is a note here." Heosphoros picked up the note and opened it.

"Who is it addressed to?"

"Stop breathing down my neck." She gave a snort and shoved Jek from standing right on her. "It's to both of us."

"You be reading too slow." Snatch. "What is this Na-NoWri-Mo thing? Is it an event that you weird humans attend?"

"I have no idea either. Can you even read that part. Something about her brain being sucked out." Peer.

"Ain't somethin' I be knowing about."

"Yes, I know, you keep losing blood because of having to supply it to both brains. Don't worry, I don't expect much from you anyway." Sigh

"Someone is askin' to have their things hidden, eh?"

"Whatever. Don't you have something to do, help the orcs rebuild the gates at Ogrimmar or something like that?" Heo rolled her eyes. "She mentions something about artwork."

"Maybe some of my fans, eh?"

"Shut uppppp."

"Wheeeeeeere did she get that picture??!?!" Blink, blink blink.

"Awww, don' ya look cute. Hot date?" A deep chuckle. "Something about artwork by Penwyn.

"Well, I'm going to have to talk to this Penwyn and have a chat!"

Beefy )

"Argghhh-what? I'm leaving!"

"What's the matter, Heo? This is one of my better angles. I need to give this guy a thanks! Heh. Women."

(Many thanks to the sweet Penwyn for the artwork. :) )
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Title: Changing Tides
Challenge/Prompt: #120 - Comfort
Fanfiction: World of Warcraft
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: I don’t own WoW. Blizzard does.
Characters: Heosphoros, Worgen frost mage; mention of Matthiel
Summary: Heo laments about how things have changed since the Scourge had invaded Gilneas and trying to find ways to help her brother regain his memory.
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Oct. 13th, 2011 10:16 am
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Been busy so I haven't had time to do much with the IC journal here.

Here is the pic of Heosphoros.

Relaxing in one of the prettiest places in the Outland, Nagrand.

More arts!

Aug. 5th, 2011 12:19 pm
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I has more WoW art to post and I will get to that today. I already thought of a goofy pic for my next WoW inspired art piece. Will need to save up to have that done.

It be me? Cause I think I am a sexy beast.

You're something all right.

Does the mage be wanting a piece of Jek? Plenty to be going around?
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I don't know why it was such a good idea. I shouldn't have even tried to. Not after the wall was broken. I can't even say that I was in the area. There was no reason to be there as most of the surrounding area is Horde occupied.

There is very little in that area that would be friendly to any Alliance individuals unless I ran into one of the Gilneas Liberation Front.

Going home...was sad. The streets were empty and the houses were in poor condition, the sign of abandonment and fighting. Smashed wagons, cannons sitting over turned. It is like how we left it. In ruins.

I flew all over, looking at the places that I've walked to, shopped at. Spoke to friends and went to school. It was all so empty. Home used to have so much life and now it was reduced to emptiness. I think I flew around and stopped at places for an hour there. I was homesick and going home just made the tightness in my chest worse.

Everything changed.

You don't realize what kind of habits that you get into until you have to do something different to adjust. Some may say it was stupid of King Greymane to lock us behind the wall. But he was thinking for the best of our people. Some might argue about that but, that's how things went. Perhaps it was a good thing that the Curse was contained to just us. A sacrifice of sorts. I don't know. That is one thing that is always hazy. That damned Curse.

My family, as well as others, were ruined by that curse. My parents, my brothers, my sister. They are gone, either gone mad and unable to make it back or killed by those who had gone mad.

And Matthiel... I thought he had been lost too. But his loss was something quite different...

I'm not sure if I quite want to think about that right now.

I flew over the wall and had to stop. I couldn't believe my eyes. All the sadness as I flew around my empty home, except for the few animals that were wandering free.

Forsaken! They were just outside the walls in the Trisfal woods. And they were running in through the break in the wall.

Those undead ABOMINATIONS were going into MY home. What use does the Horde have for the city? Other than to rub it in our faces if they take it over. That will NOT happen. Even if I, myself, have to kill them one at a time and make sure they don't rise again. I'll be damned if I'll let them contaminate my home.

I wanted to take my anger out on them. It was their fault. They attacked us. It was only fair that we returned the damned favor. There were more the further I flew into the woods. I wanted to burn them all to ash like they should have been turned to instead of rising up again.

The damned Forsaken are pushing further and further in.

It was when I was over an outpost that I thought I glimpsed the undead bitch, Sylvannas, herself.

She was the one pushing forward.

By the Light, we WILL take back Gilneas for ourselves and we will push back against that bitch.

I swear it as long as I breathe.

They will not take our home from us.


Jul. 9th, 2011 08:21 pm
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Art commissions for Jek'thal.

This was done by Vulgar Toshiya

This chibi'ized version was done by Truth in the Elves

It's so freaking cute!


Heh. Do ya hear that, mage? She said I'm cute.

Shut up! There isn't enough room in here for your freaking ego.
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I decided to try to get into my characters a little more by talking to them and having conversations to get inside their 'heads' so to speak. So I figured to have a separate journal to do this to keep it separate from my more normal stuff.

One of the things about writing is 'talking' to your characters to get a feel for their motivation and dreams.

"I'd like to go home. Someday."

Oh...hi, Heosphoros.

"Hello. What is this place?"

It's called a blog. Or, I guess you could call it a magic book.

"Magic? What kind of magic? Transformation? Enchantments?"

I guess you could call it Enchantment.

"Ahh. What is this blog for anyway?"

Just to talk to people or for people to read.

"There are others who are going to read this?"

At sometime, right now, it's probably just me. You can make friends on this too and read what's going on with their life.

"Did I hear about makin some friends?"

Hi Jek.

"What is he doing here?"

Oh...crap. Calm down. He's going to be around here too.

"WHAT? Then I don't want to be around this thing if Horde scum is going to taint it."

"Now don' be talkin' like that. I ain't bad-mouthing you. Plus that picture up there of you be cute."

Don't do the finger guns, don't do the finger guns...

Finger guns. "Rawr."

*facepalm* Oh god...

"SHUT UP! Get that down right now! I didn't say you could use that picture. how did you get that anyway? And HE better not keep on learing at him or I will freeze him in a deep lake." Glower.

I had someone do pictures of both of you. *deep breath* So people know what you look like.

"Down. Now."

"Someone be havin' their knickers in a twist."

"So help me, troll, I will crack you over the head and dump your body somewhere if you keep it up. And STOP leering at me."

"You be the one with your fur all ruffled. I be fine with the ladies seeing what a handsome fella I am."

Oh god...

Snort. "Yeah, whatever. Keep telling yourself that."

"Don' be so uptight, lil Ms. Alliance. Ya know ya can't resist the Jek." Strut.


CRACK! "Keep dreaming. Because it isn't going to happen. I will shove your blue ass into the deepest pit I can find in Outland and let the parasites live off your flesh." Storm off, exit stage right.

"Ouch. Firey one. Ya, she be wantin' me." Smirk. "Once ya go blue, ya don't go back."

No threatening to cook her over a spit and eating her.

"Not yet, anyway." Wink.

Oh dear... *headdesk.*
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This journal is being modified and will be the IC journal for two characters that I play on WoW.


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