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"There is a note here." Heosphoros picked up the note and opened it.

"Who is it addressed to?"

"Stop breathing down my neck." She gave a snort and shoved Jek from standing right on her. "It's to both of us."

"You be reading too slow." Snatch. "What is this Na-NoWri-Mo thing? Is it an event that you weird humans attend?"

"I have no idea either. Can you even read that part. Something about her brain being sucked out." Peer.

"Ain't somethin' I be knowing about."

"Yes, I know, you keep losing blood because of having to supply it to both brains. Don't worry, I don't expect much from you anyway." Sigh

"Someone is askin' to have their things hidden, eh?"

"Whatever. Don't you have something to do, help the orcs rebuild the gates at Ogrimmar or something like that?" Heo rolled her eyes. "She mentions something about artwork."

"Maybe some of my fans, eh?"

"Shut uppppp."

"Wheeeeeeere did she get that picture??!?!" Blink, blink blink.

"Awww, don' ya look cute. Hot date?" A deep chuckle. "Something about artwork by Penwyn.

"Well, I'm going to have to talk to this Penwyn and have a chat!"

Beefy )

"Argghhh-what? I'm leaving!"

"What's the matter, Heo? This is one of my better angles. I need to give this guy a thanks! Heh. Women."

(Many thanks to the sweet Penwyn for the artwork. :) )


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